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COUNTRY FARM Organic Seedless Red and Green Raisins Combo Pack (2 x 300g)

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CFO is proud to introduce Sunview's "The Best From The West" seedless organic raisins cultivated in San Joaquin Valley by the Marko Zaninovich family run vines. Southern California's hot, arid climate and long, sunny days yield premium quality table grapes that the world enjoys. Quality is Sunview's top priority - wisdom of tradition with the latest technological advancements enables Sunview to pay detailed attention to every aspect of the operations, from farming through marketing.


Source of dietary fibre: Relieve from constipation. 

Rich in iron and vitamin B complex: Helps in red blood cell formation and the treatment of anaemia.

High in magnesium and calcium: Needs to maintain strong bones and normal muscle function. 

Dense in potassium: Crucial to heart functions and essential for maintaining proper fluid balance and nerve impluse function.

High in anthocyanins : Natural blue, red or purple pigment found in raisin. It has been found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-cancer activities.

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