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HEALTH PARADISE Organic Soy Milk Powder (No Sugar) (500g) EXP: 12/2021

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BEST BEFORE DATE: 31/12/2021

 Suitable for pregnant & lactating mothers.
 No Cane Sugar Added
 Lactose Free / Non Dairy.
 Gluten Free.
 No Trans Fat.
 No Cholesterol.
 No Added Creamer.
 No Artificial Flavour.
 No Preservatives.
 No Artificial Colour.

Organic Soybeans

Health Paradise Certified Organic Pure Instant Soy Milk Powder is made from the highest quality NON GMO, USDA Certified Organic Soybeans. Since It has no creamer, no additives, or synthetic ingredients added, it has higher amount of Soy isoflavones. Our NON GMO USDA Certified Organic Soybeans are peeled off before processing thus making our Organic Pure Instant Soy Milk Powder low in Purine, richer and smoother.

Health Paradise Certified Organic Pure Instant Soy Milk Powder (without any liquid added) is not sticky and melts in the mouth, thus ensuring that our NON GMO Certified Organic Pure Instant Soy Milk Powder signifies purity and concentrated beverage with the rich aroma and the full flavor of Soy.

Think NASAA organic certification. Think Health Paradise…The truly authentic organic choice!


有机健康乐园 (Health Paradise)的非基因改造受认证有机纯正即溶大豆奶粉乃是以获得美国农业部 (USDA)认证的最优质非基因改造有机大豆制成的。由于它不含乳脂、添加剂和人造成份,因此它含有更多的大豆异黄酮。由于我们所使用的非基因改造USDA认证有机大豆是去皮后才加工的,因此我们的纯正即溶大豆奶粉含有更少咖啡碱,并且味道更香浓、顺滑。


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