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RADIANT Organic Berries Breakfast (400g)

  • Brand: RADIANT
  • Product Code: RCF00092
  • Reward Points: 15
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RM14.80 Price in reward points: 14800

BEST BEFORE DATE: 05/03/2021

Organic whole oats (unprocessed/un-toasted) high in fiber, sun-dried, un-sulphured fruits, unprocessed seeds with nutrients and vitamins intact. No sugar is used and no other additives. As natural as it can be.

● A rich blend of berries like mulberries, goji berries and cranberries.

● It has a good source of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

● Sunflower kernels and flaxseed helps to provide the body with vitamin A, E and Omega-3 for total well-being.  


Pour hot water or any hot milk (soy milk, rice milk or oat milk to 4-5 tablespoon of breakfast cereal in a bowl). Lightly sweeten with honey, agave nectar or molasses of your choice.




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