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RADIANT Organic Fruity Breakfast (400g)

  • Brand: RADIANT
  • Product Code: RCF00090
  • Reward Points: 15
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

RM14.80 Price in reward points: 14800

BEST BEFORE DATE: 01/03/2021

Organic whole oats (unprocessed/un-toasted) high in fiber, sun-dried, un-sulphured fruits, unprocessed seeds with nutrients and vitamins intact. No sugar is used and no other additives. As natural as it can be.

If you are a fruit lover, this choice would satisfy all your fruit cravings. Made from traditionally stone-milled whole rolled oats and oat bran. Natural sweetness from sun-dried fruits (apricots, raisins, prunes, cranberries) The added sunflower kernels give you a nutty flavour. It contains fibre, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins C, and minerals like calcium, potassium and iron.

Pour hot water or any hot milk (soy milk, rice milk or oat milk to 4-5 tablespoon of breakfast cereal in a bowl). Lightly sweeten with honey, agave nectar or molasses of your choice.




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