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H Cup Tea 100% Natural Green Tea (20Cups / Bag)

  • Brand: H Cup Tea
  • Product Code: HBR00042
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Best Before : 31/12/2020

H Cup Tea – Oolong Tea, is an innovative product with a selected quality tea leaves sealed with plant fibre filter, under a food grade PE coating disposable paper cup. The filter is physically sealed without any adhesive. It can be served by just fill in boiled water. And, to be refilled up to 3 - 5 times. 

It is so simple and in line with our brand philosophy of ‘H’ – Healthy, Hygiene, Hassle-Free. Serve good tea anywhere, anytime, convenient and practical.

H Cup Tea is the ideal beverages for party, on travel, at work, as gift and on event.

Besides Oolong Tea, we are also having Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Black Tea and Pu’er Tea.

Our products are packed in 20 cups inside a zipper bag. And each cup consists of about 2gm of tea leaves.

H Cup Tea is certified with Halal, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 certification.


H Cup Tea纯天然即泡杯茶 – 乌龙茶, 是个全新饮茶体验。精选优质茶叶,以食品级植物纤维滤纸,压封于杯底,并采用内壁以食品级PE淋膜覆盖的白卡纸杯,加入热水,即可饮用。每杯茶可冲泡3至5次。健康,卫生,又方便快捷。

H Cup Tea非常适合于派对,旅游,工作会议,及各大节庆时使用。也非常适合当手礼赠送亲朋戚友。



我们的产品也得到清真,HACCP和ISO 9001:2008认证。


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