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DR. ROS Enzyme Mouth Wash (300ml)

  • Brand: DR.ROS
  • Product Code: NHJ00072
  • Reward Points: 12
  • Availability: 10

RM12.00 Price in reward points: 12000

Every morning after brushing, use 30ml of Enzyme Mouthwash together with 250ml of water to gargle mouth & throat (when sore throat occur use concentrate Enzyme Mouth Wash to gargle).

Sterilization to reduce mouth odor.
Reduce gum bleeding.
Discharge mucus & throat cleansing.
Eliminate Oral toxins.
Increase saliva to help digestion.
Activate lymphatic system.

Purified Water, Mix Fruit Enzyme and traditional herbs.
Product Features

Clear oral toxic such as: MSG, artificial colors, preservatives and food additives;
Improve appetite & promote healthy and light taste buds.
Increase saliva to promote digestive system.
Improve the oral lymphatic system.
Eliminate oral odor.
Reduce bleeding gums.
Relieve sore throat.

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