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BOB'S RED MILL Gluten Free Nutritional Yeast Large Flake (142g)

  • Brand: Bob's Red Mill
  • Product Code: BRM00176
  • Reward Points: 46
  • Availability: Pre-Order

RM46.30 Price in reward points: 46300

BEST BEFORE DATE: 02/12/2020

Nutritional yeast is made from a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. One of the benefits of nutritional yeast is that it comes in large flakes that are described as having a cheesy and nutty flavor, making it a great vegetarian or vegan substitute. It also has good nutritional benefits of B12 vitamins and high protein content, making it an ideal vegetarian support formula.

Product Features
Nutritional yeast is a vegetarian dietary supplement with a pleasantly cheesy flavor. It is rich in vitamin B-12, and provides 8 grams of protein per serving. Add to sauces, scrambles, kale chips, crackers and biscuits, or sprinkle over vegetables, baked potatoes or popcorn. 

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