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BOB'S RED MILL Organic Whole Wheat Flour (1360g)

  • Brand: BOB'S RED MILL
  • Product Code: BRM00062
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Best Before Date: 08/12/2022

Our Organic Whole Wheat Flour is 100% stone ground from hard red spring wheat, with all of the nutrients from the bran and germ still intact. This high-protein, certified organic flour is the preferred choice of traditional bread bakers for consistent, high rising loaves and other baked goods.

America's Best Baking Flour™

Add the nutrition of whole grains to your diet with our Organic Whole Wheat Flour, ground from hard red spring wheat on slow-moving, cool-running quartz millstones.

This flour has a protein content of 13-15%, which makes it a terrific choice for all manner of whole wheat bread dough, including nutritious sandwich bread, rustic rolls, whole wheat hamburger buns, bagels, pretzels and flatbreads. You can also use Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Wheat Flour for whole wheat pasta, muffins, quick breads, cookies and bars. For a lighter texture, try using a mix of Whole Wheat Flour and All-Purpose Flour or Artisan Bread Flour.

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