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ORIBEE Rainforest Dark Premium Honey - Wild. Raw. Pure. Mature (480g)

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Energy source for the working bees, Premium Honey has the highest level of phenolic and flavonoid compared to other types of honey, effective for ERT treatment to significantly reduce breast cancer activities with beneficial effects on postmenopausal conditions and bone strengthening against osteoporosis. Rich with antioxidants which is vital in radical scavenging activity, aids in restoration of skin cells and connective tissues, prevents uterine atrophy, regulates cholesterol and cardiac enzymes levels.

Comes from the same hive as the royal jelly honey but it is food for the worker bees. It has superior antioxidant properties due to its high content of phenolic acid and flavonoid.. University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign stated "Dark Honey Has More Illness-Fighting Agents Than Light Honey." ScienceDaily, 8 July 1998. In an article published in the Journal of Apicultural Research, the researchers say darker honey has less water and more antioxidants than light-colored honey.

A study at the Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil published in November of 2012 concluded that darktualang honey built trabecular bone in labaratory rats better than supplemental calcium hence suitable alternative use for treatment of osteoporosis The current main treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis is estrogen replacement therapy (ERT). Despite its effectiveness, ERT, can cause many adverse effects. Therefore, alternative treatment that is rich in antioxidant and can exert an anti-inflammatory effect can be given to replace the conventional ERT. Tualang honey is one of the best optionas it contains antioxidant and exerts anti-inflammatory effect. This can act as a free radical scavenger, reducing the oxidative stress level and inhibit proinflammatory cytokine. This will result in survival of osteoblasts, reduced osteoclastogenic activity, and resulting in reduce bone loss. Hence, Tualang honey can be used as an alternative treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis with minimal side effects.It was shown to prevent uterine atrophy, vaginal epithelium atrophy, promote increased bone density and suppress the increased of body weight seen in menopausal state.

Honey reduces oxidative stress. Free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been implicated in contributing to the processes of aging and disease. Humans protect themselves from these damaging compounds, in part, by absorbing antioxidants from high-antioxidant foods. Dark honey with high phenolic antioxidants can reduce the effects of aging. The regular use of honey as a sweetener in common foods could result in an enhanced antioxidant defense system in healthy adults.

It is bold in flavour and most rich in iron. Dark honey works well as sweetener on oatmeal or in breads. .

It is NOT to be given to infants below 1 year of age

For diabetics consumer: a small quantity is allowed. Please consult your physician about this product.
For baby age one and below: NOT SUITABLE
For children below 7years old: Please consult your physician about this product.
For gluten intolerance consumer: although this product is 100% wild rainforest pure honey, which do not contains any additives, preservatives, or any human made products, it is recommended you try it with a small amount or consult with your physician about your health concerns.

黑蜂蜜与蜂皇浆都来自同一个蜂巢,黑蜂蜜是工蜂的食物来源。它们是工蜂的能量来源,优质黑蜂蜜与其他类型的蜂蜜相比具有最高水平的酚类和类黄酮,有效用于ERT治疗以显着减少乳腺癌活动,能有效协助后停经和减少骨质疏松症。 富含抗氧化剂,对自由基清除活性有着至关重要的帮助,有助于恢复皮肤细胞和结缔组织,防止子宫萎缩,调节胆固醇和心肌酶水平。


对于糖尿病患者来说:允许少量。 有关此产品,请咨询您的医生。

Note: Raw honey does crystallize overtime. However, it does not affect quality and taste. To liquerfy, scoop the honey into a glass jar before putting into a bowl of warm water.
Keep honey in a cool and dry place. Raw honey has no expiry date and remains preserved.

注意:生蜂蜜确实会加速结晶。 但是,它不会影响质量和口味。 为了液化,将蜂蜜舀入玻璃罐中,然后放入一碗温水中。
将蜂蜜放在阴凉干燥的地方。 生蜂蜜没有有效期,仍然保留其质量与口味。

Product Features
Expedites wound healing, anticancer, potent antioxidant, boosts immune system booster, improves heart condition, antibacterial, improves bone density, weight management and anti-aging.


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