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RADIANT Organic Oat Groats (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 29/10/2021● Good source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins.● C..


RADIANT Organic Pancake Mix - Original ( 325g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 16/10/2021Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Sugar, Salt, Whole Egg Powder, Sodium Bicar..


RADIANT Organic Pearl Barley (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 22/10/2021Minimum polishing of the barley and nutrient value is intact. Good sourc..


RADIANT Organic Polenta Flour (Gluten Free) (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 20/08/2021Radiant gourmet polenta has a robust flavour. An Italian cornmeal dish, ..


RADIANT Organic Popcorn (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 28/10/2021● Gluten- Free● A source of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre, vit..


RADIANT Organic Quinoa (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 08/02/2021● Gluten-Free.● Rich in amino acid lysine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vi..


RADIANT Organic Quinoa Flour (Gluten Free) (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 23/01/2022A good source of complete protein, providing all of the essential amino ..


RADIANT Organic Rye Flour (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 25/03/2022Easily digestible and low gluten content. Use in unleavened baked goods ..


RADIANT Organic Rye Grain (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 27/08/2021It has a rich and hearty taste. A source of fibre, essential amino acid ..


RADIANT Organic Spelt Flour (500g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 24/03/2022Spelt has a unique nutty flavor. High in fiber and a good source of iron..


RADIANT Organic Tamari Wheat-Free Soy Sauce (310ml)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 16/07/2022 Tamari has an unique flavor that helps to enhance your cooki..


RADIANT Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk Powder (600g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 23/02/2021*Rich in isoflavones 287 mg /100g ,high in protein● Sugar Free● Gluten F..


RADIANT Organic Wheat Grain (Hard) (1kg)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 28/01/2022Also called wheat berries. Unprocessed wheat has the bran, endosperm and..


RADIANT Raw Natural Gluten Free Almond (200g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 10/03/2021It has protein, fat, vitamins, iron, potassium and calcium.Ideal for mak..


RADIANT Raw Natural Gluten Free Cashewnut (200g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 13/03/2021It has potassium, iron, vitamins B1, B2, protein.Ideal for making nut mi..


RADIANT Raw Natural Gluten Free Hazelnut (200g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 01/02/2021It has protein, vitamins & calcium. Eaten raw, suitable for baking g..


RADIANT Raw Natural Gluten Free Walnut (200g)

BEST BEFORE DATE: 13/03/2021It has protein, fat and oil. Eaten raw, suitable for baking goods and as..


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