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Gluten Free Soy Bean Drink

Soy Bean (300gm)
Pandan Leaf (4pcs)
Organic Cane Sugar (150gm)
Filtered Water (900gm or more)

  • Soak soy bean overnight at frigde.
  • Take out from frigde, wash and blend with blender. Add in filtered water to blend together. You can adding more filter water shall you would like to dilute further soy bean original flavour.
  • Filter blended soy bean water with a piece of white clothe or any suitable filter equipment. Filtering for at least 2 or 3 times to have finest soy bean water.
  • Cook it until it is boiled with high fire. Put Pandan leaf into the pot. Once it is boiled, turn your fire into small fire.
  • Must always stir to make sure it is do not over boiling.
  • Cook for at least 30mins to ensure soy bean is fully cooked.
  • Done. It is now ready to serve HOT or COLD with organic cane sugar sweetener.
Source: Original Recipe from Harvess©
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