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Gluten Free Douhua (Soybean Pudding)

Soya Bean Drink (1 liter) - can buy unsweetened soya drink pack from market to replace homemade soya drink
Filtered water
Agar-agar (12.5gm) - can be replace with jelly powder

Organic Cane Sugar or Molasses Sugar as sweetener

  1. Cook agar-agar with one glass of water. Let the agar-agar dilute fully in water. Do not bring it to boil level.
  2. Mix step 1 agar-agar water with soya bean drink and stir it until mixed well.
  3. Keep in fridge (normal rack) until it is hard to eat.
  4. Then you may serve it together with Gula Melaka, Molasses sugar or your flavour sweetener. The taste is smilar to pudding jelly.
Source: Original Recipe from Facebook Gluten Free Support Group Malaysia
By Zuaamah Mohamed Radi
Editor: Harvess©
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