SECRET BARN Gluten Free Prebiotic Powder

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PREBIOTICS are a special form of dietary fiber that acts as a ‘fuel’ for the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotic cannot be digested in digestive tracts. Prebiotic provides a wide range of health benefits to the otherwise healthy person. Most of these have been medically proven.

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4 Main Benefits of Dietary Fiber for Body
• Dietary Fiber may absorbs liquids and ease the bowel movements. The insoluble fibers may reduce the incident of getting intestinal inflammation by 40% .A high –fiber diet may lower your risk of getting hemorrhoids by preventing the need for straining.
• Dietary fiber may help in controlling blood regulation and may promote weight loss.
• Dietary fiber may help in detoxification by absorbing toxin and bad cholesterol in colon.
• May help regulation blood cholesterol

 Prebiotic provides nutrients to microflora so that it helps them to work effectively in human’s digestive system.
 Prebiotic can be found in cereals, fruits and vegetables. Green and unripe bananas also have a good source of dietary fiber which acts as prebiotic source in human’s gut.
 It is Gluten free. It can be taken by people who practicing Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) Diet and eating naturally and healthy.
 Contains source of Resistant Starch (RS).
 Green and unripe bananas has been acknowledged by researchers to have Resistant Starch. Preliminary study has shown the usage of Resistant Starch may help in reducing incidence of getting Obesity, Diabetes and Colon Cancer.
 No added food preservatives
 HALAL and MeSTI Certificates.

 Use 1 teaspoon per drinks only
 Add into your favorite drinks
 Store in cool place and avoid from direct sunlight
Fun fact about Fiber Intake
• Adult – 20 – 30 gram fiber /day
• Children – 10 -15 gram fiber /day
• Researchers have found that for every 7 grams more fiber you consume on a daily basis, your stroke risk is decreased by 7 %
• A research shows that the link between fiber intake and heart attack is for those eating a high fiber diet have a 40% lower risk of heart disease