SECRET BARN Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Banana Flour

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Banana flour is a dried bananas, mill into fine powder. It does not have any banana taste, but it has it own unique earthy flavor.

-Gluten Free
-Food supplement
-Suitable for vegan, nut free
-Soy free, wheat free
-High fiber
-Contains Vitamin A, B and C
-High potassium
  • Net Weight: 1 x 250.00 gm
  • Package Type: Packet
  • Harvess SKU: SBN00001
  • Product Barcode: SBGFBNNFL
  • Made In: Malaysia
  • Stock Status: Out of the stock

Did you know the benefit of high fibre?
High Fiber is always associated with weight ioss or slimming product. Because it is able to help your body to feel more full for a longer period. Besides, it is able to assist in lowering the body cholesterol rate, lowering sugar level and helps prevent being colon cancer.

How to use
1) 1 tablespoon of banana flour and made into your favorite beverage (EG: Coffee, chocolate milk, drinks, smoothies, ice being stung, shakes)

Tips to use our banana flour:
1) Put a substitution of ½ cup – ¾ cup banana flour to every 1 cup Gluten Based Flour.
2) Make sure you have thick batter
3) Put more liquid such as water, oil and milk
4) You will need binding agent such as egg
5) Baked good best served warm.
SECRET BARN Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Banana Flour