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DAWSON's Plant Protein
DAWSON's Plant Protein
DAWSON's Plant Protein
DAWSON's Plant Protein
DAWSON's Plant Protein

DAWSON's Plant Protein

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Product Description

DAWSON's Plant Protein is a 100% vegan protein derived from yellow peas (Pisum Sativum) that contains all essential amino acid. It is highly soluble, easy to digest, hypoallergenic - and it tastes great! DAWSON's Plant Protein is formulated using only the highest quality pea protein isolate available. Since essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the human body, they must be supplied by our diets. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are used by our bodies to support our bones, muscles and connective tissues.

DAWSON's Plant Protein contains no animal by-products, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners and no artificial colors. We use non-GMO pea protein that is 100% gluten-free, cholesterol-free and dairy-free. It is an excellent source of vegetable-based protein and is suitable for low-carbohydrate dieters, vegetarians, vegans, children, athletes and anyone needing extra protein in their daily diet.

Pisane Pea Protein, Dehulled Organic Black Soy and FOS.

Pisane Pea Protein is certified "HALAL" by the "Halal Food Council of Europe" bearing the registration number 827964482.
Dehulled Organic Black Soy is certified "ORGANIC" by the "Control Body/Authority KIWA BCS OKO-GARANTIE GMBH".

Suggested Use:
2 scoops of Plant Protein into 200ml of warm water and serve promptly.

Benefits of Plant Protein:
-Vegan & easily digested
-Contains all essential amino acids
-G6PD friendly

Store in a cool dry place or at room temperature and away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Product Features

-Lactose Free
-Cholesterol Free
-Contains all essential Amino Acid
-Halal certified
-Organic certified
-Suitable for vegan

  • Vegan
  • Organic-Product

Product Specification

  • Net Weight: 1 x 700.00 gm
  • Gross Weight: 750.00 gm
  • Package Type: Can
  • Harvess SKU: NMP00095
  • Product Barcode: 9533730900645

Product FAQs

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  • Is this product recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers? If so, what is the recommended serving?
  • Is this product recommended for children? If so, what is the recommended serving?
  • Are there any other physical states/conditions for which use of this product is contraindicated?
  • Can this product be consumed with other dietary supplements?
  • Are there known foods or nutrients that may interact with this product?
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