JOINTWELL Purplenergy Organic Purple Buffalo Barley

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Purplenergy is an unique kind of whole some grain. It is naturally contains 15 % protein and beta-glucan allowing this to be a high quality and beneficial grain supplement for health conscious individual. Purplenergy contains oats and isolated soy protein. It offers complete amino acids and soy protein, which integrated as a nutritional supplementation, is able to keep us healthy and energetic.

Our organic ingredient are 100 % organically from Montana, U.S.A, No chemical fertilizer and pesticides were used during production. All grains are stored in an organic certified warehouse. We keep high standards for quality control along with transportation and handling the product with care without any sort of contamination.
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  • Gross Weight: 850.00 gm
  • Package Type: Can
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The goodness of Purple Barley:
High calcium; consume twice Purplenergy (60 g) daily to achieve calcium daily recommendation (1000mg); help in bone development.
Consume twice daily (60 g) can get 3 g of beta-glucan help to reduce cholesterol.
Antioxidant prevents cells damage and protects cells.
Phytochemicals reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and malignancy tumor.
PURPLEnergy also contains oats and I.S.P. It offers complete amino acids and soy protein, which integrated as a nutritional supplement, is able to keep people healthy and energetic.
High fiber
Contains resistant starch as it will not increase the concentration of blood sugar so it is suitable for diabetes.
Cholesterol free

Suitable for:
All age groups
Highly recommended for the diabetic patients for blood sugar control
It aids in digestive system. Thus, it is suitable for old ages.
Those with obesity for weight management
Menopausal women

Organic Purple Buffalo Barley (certified by Montana Department of Agriculture), Organic Oats (certified by Montana Department of Agriculture), Organic Flax Seeds (certified by Montana Department of Agriculture), Organic flax seeds oil (certified by Montana Department of Agriculture), SolaeTM isolated soy protein (Non-GMO), SolaeTM lecithin (Non-GMO)

Recommended Usage:
Take 30g (5 spoons) per time, two times daily to keep a healthy daily supplement. Purplenergy can mix with any foods.

Mix and stir 30 g (5 spoons) Purplenergy with 180-230 ml warm water, milk, juice or any beverages.
Add cereal with Purplenergy or use for baking, add in soup to increase the nutrient content.

Keep in cool and dry place, finish within one month after opening.