Organic Millet Milk Youth Energy

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Compo Health Millet Milk-Youth Energy is an unique millet formulation complemented by a variety of grains, edible microalgae, vegetable, enzymes and probiotics. Packed with nutritional values and easily digestible, this is the perfect Energy Food for any and everyone regardless of gender or age.
  • Net Weight: 1 x 700.00 gm
  • Gross Weight: 800.00 gm
  • Package Type: Can
  • Harvess SKU: NMP00055
  • Product Barcode: EO10
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Key Benefits of Essential Amino Acids
An essential amino acid vital to the human body; lysine improves memory, promotes growth, strengthens the body, acids in the absorption of calcium, alleviates and prevents osteoporosis (loss of bone density), reduces triglyceride level as well as averts the development of artery-related conditions in the heart and brain.

Conditions Associated with Lack of Lysine:
Stagnated body growth, underdeveloped cerebral functions, general weakness, dizziness, anemia, flaccid muscles and diminished immunity system.

An essential amino acid that converts to glucose very easily, leucine regulates blood sugar and promotes the healing of bone, skin and muscular tissues. Conditions Associated with Lack of Leucine: Inflamed skin, upset stomach and other related conditions.

An essential amino acid that increases brain levels if serotonin - a neurotrans-mitter that exerts a calming effect and regulates sleep.

60% Organic Millet, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Pearl Barley, Organic Soybean, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Corn, Organic Oat, Hawthorn, Sesame, Spirulina, Soy Lecithin, Protease, Amylase, Digestive Enzymes, Brewer's Yeast, Probiotics, Beetroot, Lycium Chinese, Dates, etc.
Recommended For:
Women and Pregnant Mothers
Patient with Anemia