Original Brewed Enzyme Complex Berry SOD-30

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Suitable for vegetarian.
Sugar Free
No Preservative.
  • Net Weight: 1 x 500.00 ml
  • Gross Weight: 650.00 gm
  • Package Type: Box
  • Harvess SKU: NMP00043
  • Product Barcode: 4711175006952
  • Made In: Taiwan
  • Stock Status: Available

water, Noni juice concentrate, Apple juice concentrate, Red grape juice concentrate, Raspberry juice concentrate, Strawberry juice concentrate, wheatgrass.

Anti-aging, anti-inflammation, anti-allergic, anti-acne and reduce swelling.
Whitening and beauty nourishing, adjust constitution and improve immunity.
Help sleep for insomnia and stay up late, gastrointestinal protection and promote metabolism.
Without preservative, pesticide, western medicine, plasticizer.
The latest Fermentation Technology without adding sugar to reserve the highest enzyme active and nutrient, remove noni small, reduce the body burden of sugar, suitable for the elderly.
Using Taiwan organic noni fruits, without any cane sugar, fructose and allergens, reduce the body burden of metabolism.
More than 5 kinds of 100% berry juice, supply with healthy fruit fiber element, maintain body detoxification, suitable for female whitening or male and children who don't like to eat fruit.
Original Brewed Enzyme Complex Berry SOD-30