OLIGO Enzyme (30's x 6gm)

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Oligo Enzyme is an oligo drink enriched with fruit source enzymes such as papaya and pineapple. Enzymes are unique complex protein -- catalysts for various important biochemical reactions in human body. They are essential for maintaining proper function of the body.

  • Net Weight: 1 x 180.00 gm
  • Gross Weight: 250.00 gm
  • Package Type: Box
  • Harvess SKU: NMP00020
  • Product Barcode: 9555443400463
  • Made In: Malaysia
  • Stock Status: Available

Children: Everyday mix 1 sachet to a glass of water, stir and consume.
Adults: Consume 2-3 sachets throughout the day. Mix with water before consume.

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: Oligo 900, pure lemon powder, papain, bromelain and chlorophyII.
Oligo 900, pure lemon powder, papain, bromelain and chlorophyll.

OLIGO Enzyme (30's x 6gm)