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ASH II EnzymeMax
ASH II EnzymeMax
ASH II EnzymeMax
ASH II EnzymeMax
ASH II EnzymeMax
ASH II EnzymeMax

ASH II EnzymeMax


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Product Description

Some foods can create problems in the digestive system. This is due to the fact that the body does not produce enough enzymes to break it or the proteins itself is foreign to the body. When this happens, accumulation of undigested substances accumulates and later become toxins that build up in the body and causes inflammation and infection.

Those that are suffering from diabetes, arthritis, gout, high uric acid, and other inflammation or frequent recurrent of infection should immediate start supplementing with Enzymemax.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 sachets before or after a meal. For heavy meals, consume an additional sachet during the meal. You may consume directly or mix it in water. As enzymes are heat sensitive, do not take it with very hot meals.

DO NOT take on an empty stomach if you have stomach ulcer.


Amylase, Glucoamylase, Lipase, Pectinase, Cellulase, Protease SP, Bromelain, Alpha Galactosidase, Hemicellulase, Beta Glucanase, Phytase, Xylanase, Invertase, Maltase, Catalase, Lactase, Papain, Acid Stable Protease, Lemon, Fructo Oligosaccharide & Isomalt.

Product Features

Packing Size
1.4g x 40 Sachets

Gluten Free Product

EnzymeMax plays a role in the hydrolysis of:
Sugars (complex sugars, simple sugars)
Beta Glucans
Cell Wall of Plants
Lactose (milk sugar)

EnzymeMax is recomended for:
Seafood or Food Allergy
High in Uric Acid
Arthritic Pain
Lactose Intolerance
Atopic Dermatitis

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Product Specification

  • Net Weight: 1 x 56.00 gm
  • Gross Weight: 200.00 gm
  • Package Type: Box
  • Harvess SKU: NMP00013
  • Product Barcode: 9555134100016
  • Made In/Product Of: Sweden

Product FAQs

  • Since our body produces enzymes, why do we still need to supplement it with EnzymeMax?
  • Will supplementing with EnzymeMax affects the body’s ability to make its own enzymes?
  • Is EnzymeMax vegan friendly?
  • Is there any side effect if I take too many sachets of EnzymeMax?
  • There are enzyme products which come in “enteric coating”, does EnzymeMax have similar coatings?
  • What to expect if I take EnzymeMax for the first time?
  • Can children take EnzymeMax?
  • Why take an enzyme supplement if I can just eat raw foods?
  • I’m allergic to seafood, is there a method or protocol to take EnzymeMax?
  • I experience difficult breathing after taking some food that I’m not aware of I’m allergic to, can EnzymeMax help me at this time?
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