Earth Organic Black Multi Grains Powder Super Food Beverage

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Since ancient times, people consumed beans grains nuts seeds as their main diets and yet they stayed healthy without many health complications as we have today. Living in the high pollution, stress, processed & adulterated food society today, we often hear many people face cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and etc. So why nort head back to how our grand grand pa-rents had as their principal diet to start off our healthier diet habit?

Use high quality organic ingredients with modernized technology to create these bean-grain-seed-nut into powder form for instant consumption without altering their nutrients quality. A super food beverage full of nutrients and minerals designed for those who envy the goodness of bean-grain-seed-nut and yet cannot spare one's time to prepare them.
Earth Living makes it possible for you to enjoy this benificial drink in our 'rush rush' world today. We assure you that our Organic Black Multi Grains Powder contains only high quality pure organic ingredients. It strictly contains no GMO ingredients, no chemical additives, no preservatives, no colourings, no flavourings, no trans-fat, no sweetener, no dairy especially no anti-caking agent.

Health Benefits :
- Powerhouse of nutrients and minerals for energy boosting and well-being.
- Help elderly on fatigue, vitality and even lessen grey hair.
- Contain minerals such as zinc essential for fertility.
- High calcium to prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone and teeth health.
- Multi-nutrients and minerals enhance metabolic funtions.
- Improve immune system and blood circulation to dexterities.
- Improve digestive tract health. Good food source for suppressing hunger pangs.

Suitable For:
-Elderly. Especially those who are always tired or lack of energy.
-Men and women. Especially those who are always tired or lack of energy.
-Men and women who always in rush but wish to maintain healthy.
-Children who are always active or do not like fruits and vegetables.
-Children above 1-year old
-Vegan, diabetic.

Multi Grains- organic black rye oat, red wheat, black glutinous rice, buffalo barley, millet, buckwheat.
Multi Beans- organic black soybean, red lentil, green garden bean.
Multi Seeds Nut- organic black sesame, white sesame, almond.
Others-Organic brown rice bran, red date.

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  • Made In: Australia
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Earth Organic Black Multi Grains Powder Super Food Beverage