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What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin Coconut Oil is made with fresh coconuts. It contains a distinct aroma and taste of coconuts. Virgin Coconut Oil is unspoiled and unaltered. It is not been produced from copra or commercially refined, bleached and deodorized.

It is natural, organi and no chemical or heat processing done, therefore it remains the original properties of the product.

Deep Inside Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil contains lauric acid that possesses characteristics of a mother's milk which is the foundation of human nourishment. Virgin coconut oil that ws extracted through our bacteria fermentation process could yield three times higher lauric acid than mother's milk. Besides Virgin coconut oil contains no trans fatty acids (TFA) that are linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer & etc.

Benefits of Lauric Acids

Virgin coconut oil is rich in lauric acid. In human body, lauric acid is converted into monolaurine that has anti-viral, antibacterial and antiprotozoan properties. In other words, it is concluded that Virgin coconut oil could helps to enhance our immune system.

Why Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin Coconut Oil helps to increase the "friendly bacteria" on our skin and it will not destroy the natural pH balance which is necessary to promote healthy skin.

Virgin Coconut Oil is also beneficial to the hair as it can penetrate deep into the hair shaft to soften the hair while moisturing the scalp at the same time.


天然椰子油是从新鲜椰子制成。它拥有一股独特的香气及椰子味。这是未经过破坏和未改变的椰子油。它不是被生产的椰子或经过商业提炼, 漂白和除臭。



月桂酸内包含的母乳是人类应该的根基特点。从天然椰子油的细菌发酵过程中所提炼得到的月桂酸比母乳多出高达三倍。 天然椰子油中含有关系到心血管疾病,糖尿病和癌症等的无反式脂肪酸。


天然椰子油中包含了丰富的月桂酸。能够让我们体内的月桂酸被转换成具有抗病毒,抗细菌以及抗原生动物性能。换句话说, 天然椰子油有助于增强我们体内的免疫系统。




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