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What is PMC coffee enema all about?

Basically it is a colon cleansing product which mainly helps you to detoxify your liver. But, you do not consume or drink this coffee. It goes into your colon through the rectum. This way, it is the quickest and most effective way to cleanse and detox our body’s internal system. Actually, Malaysia is currently the fattest country in Asia. Colon cancer is the no. 2 cancer killer in the world and 3rd highest in Malaysia. Due to our food and culture, our bodies are very very toxic. So we need to learn how to self-detox and take care of our body.

Huh?? Through the rectum??? Is that safe/painful?

Don’t worry! It is 100% safe and painless. Actually, this concept of colon cleansing goes back to the Ancient Egyptians (thousands of years ago) and the concept of using coffee enema is about 100 years ago. - It has no negative effects, no side effects - Tube is very soft and will not damage your colon at all - And the tube only goes in the rectum for 2 inches

Why coffee?

Coffee enema has been proven to be the best way to cleanse and detox our liver. This is because inside the coffee, there is an enzyme called Palmitates which helps to stimulate the bile duct to dilate, and also helps the liver carry away the toxic bile to the colon. Therefore, when we go to the toilet to release, the toxins are carried out of the body. Palmitates also activate an enzyme system called gluthathione s-transferase (GSTs) system in our liver, which helps to neutralize poisons, such as alcohol, medications, nicotine, and remove them from the blood. It also blocks carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and remove free radicals which could damage our cells. To sum it up, GST enzyme is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and natural blood cleanser.

What is so special about your coffee enema?

- Our coffee is 100% certified organic and natural, light roasted Arabica coffee - Grown from an altitude of 1,200m (fresh air and free from pollution) - Not only it has coffee but it also has 6 powerful natural boosters inside which have many different healing properties o Ling zhi o Cordyceps o Myrobalan Wood o Beleric o Cucuma Longa o Indian Gooseberry

So what happens when you do the coffee enema?

When the coffee enema goes in your rectum, it will help to soften your stools and remove all the accumulated wastes, toxins and bacteria as well as cleanse off all the dirty remnants stuck on your rectal/colon walls. Once we cleanse the colon, it is easier for us to absorb nutrients and minerals more efficiently. It will also help to hydrate our colon, creating a better environment for the good bacteria to grow, giving us a healthier functioning colon. Our colon is muscle, so by doing coffee enema it will help to promote natural bowel movements as we are exercising and “training” our colon muscles everytime we do coffee enema. So it is especially good for constipated people as it can help them train their lazy bowels to contract.

Explain the process to me.

The process is actually very simple – 3 steps only! And total time takes about 20 – 25 minutes! 1. Preparation of coffee (200 mL of hot coffee + 800 mL of room temp drinking water) 2. Infusion of the coffee into rectum (1 Litre) 3. Release and Go Preparation of coffee (1 – 3 minutes) - Take one coffee sachet and pour it into a standard drinking cup. - Boil some water or pour hot water into the drinking cup to dissolve the coffee and mix. - This should be roughly 200 mL of hot coffee - The next step is pouring the 200 mL of hot coffee and 800 mL of room temperature drinking water into the enema bag to make it a total of 1L. Remember to click on the blue valve to prevent any leakage. - First you pour the cup of hot coffee into the enema bag, don’t worry the bag is heat-resistant but if you are scared, then you can pour 800 mL of room temperature drinking water first, then the 200 mL of hot coffee. - The overall volume should be 1L and it should be warm. - Once you’ve done that, you should see air pockets throughout the tube. Just go to your sink and release the blue valve to let the coffee flow through the tube then click on the blue valve again. - Hang the enema bag up on your toilet door hook or shower head.
Infusion of coffee into rectum (5 - 6 minutes) - Place your thumb and 2nd fingertip 2 inches from the tip and apply some lubricant on the tip - Gently insert the tube into your rectum until your fingertips touch your bum. You can do this standing up or laid down with your bum tilted to one side – whichever you are comfortable in. - Lay down flat on your back with your knees up bent - When you are comfortable, release the blue valve and you can see that the coffee is flowing down and out of the bag and into your colon. - It takes less than a minute for the coffee to flow in! - Once the coffee is finished, click the blue valve and gently remove the tube out of your rectum. - Retain/tahan for 5 minutes – you can play with your phone, massage your stomach..
Release and Go (10 - 15 minutes) - After 5 minutes, get up and go to your toilet bowl and release! - That simple!

What if I cannot tahan?

If you cannot tahan, no problem. Just click on the blue valve to stop the coffee, gently remove the tube out of your rectum and go to your toilet bowl to release. After doing so, you can continue with the remaining coffee and try your best to tahan for 5 minutes again. Usually first timers find it hard to tahan but you will get better as you go.

How to clean it?

Actually it is very easy to clean and maintain. Just run hot water through the bag and since the tip is dirty, you just use soap or Dettol or any sterilizer solution to wash it, put the green lid back on, and hang the enema bag up on your toilet door hook to dry.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of our coffee enema. The main benefit is that it helps your body unlock its own potential to fight/prevent diseases and also repair and regenerate from certain diseases. The most obvious benefits you will notice is that it helps to relieve constipation, gas and bloating in the stomach. After doing the coffee enema, you will feel more light and fresh. It can also help to regulate our internal system. So if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, using our coffee enema can help to reduce and regulate all those! Other benefits include better sleep, more energetic and focus throughout the day, skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, rashes, water retention, weight loss...etc
Diabetes: We do not cure diabetes, but we do have many diabetic users who said that their sugar levels reduced and are well controlled and their energy levels are great.
Gallstones: It is great for people with gallstones because it helps us to dilate our bile duct and release the bile stored in our gallbladder so it will help you release your gallstones too!
Alcoholism: It is great for alcohol consumers and people with fatty liver – it will help repair and restore our liver but of course, try not to drink so much alcohol!
Colon cancer: If you have colon cancer then we do not recommend you to do coffee enema as there are risks involved. It could irritate your colon further and perforate your bowels/cause holes. However, other types of cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid, pancreatic, skin, etc – can do. Cancer patients have very weak internal immune and detoxifying systems so by doing coffee enema, it can benefit them in many ways.

So anyone can do this as long as they don’t have colon cancer is it?

Majority of people can do so. The only people who cannot do is: - Colon cancer patients - Pregnant women - Children under 10 - If you have rectal bleeding/bleeding hemorrhoids (cos scared infection) - Undergone any surgery within past 3 months - Any anal tears or inflammatory diseases in your colon

How do I know if I have inflammation in my colon or if I have Colon Cancer?

Typically, if you have any inflammation in your colon, you would definitely know. You wouldn’t be here talking to me now, and you would be in so much pain that you have to go see a doctor ASAP to get it checked out. Colon Cancer however, requires a colonoscopy so it is always a good choice to get screened as early as you can.

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