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Homemade Granola And Muesli Cookies with Bob's Red Mill

100gm Gluten Free BRM Muesli
100gm Gluten Free BRM Honey Oat Granola
200gm Gluten Free BRM All Purpose Flour

5tbsp Brown Sugar
1 bar salted butter
2 pcs eggs Grade C or 1pc egg Grade A
1/2tsp strawberry extract.

1. Blend salted butter together with brown sugar until well mixed.
2. Add eggs and strawberry extract to the bowl and continue to blend it until well mixed.
3. Add half of the all purpose flour. Mix it well with spoon until it become very sticking or hard to stir. Otherwise, add more flour to it.

4. Add Muesli, Honey Oat Granola or any other cereal that you prefer to the mixes. Mix well as shown on the photo. If must be very dry after mix all the ingredients.

5. Preheat oven 10minutes, 180 Celsius Degree. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, until it turns to gold brown colour. Monitor the Cookies in oven on last 5minutes. So that , you can have nice colour Cookies.

➥ You can add Gluten Free raisin or other dried fruit that you prefer.
➥ Egg can use other to replace it if you have lactose intolerant.
➥ Flour can be replace with other flour that you prefer such as almond flour and rice flour.

➥ Extract can be replace with other flavor that you prefer.
➥ You also can replace Granola and Cereal to other type that you prefer such as Gluten Free old fashioned Oat, nuts, grains such as chia seeds, millet, etc.

Bob's Red Mill 自制健康无麸质干果谷麦片饼

100克 BRM无麸质干果谷麦片
100克 BRM无麸质蜜糖谷麦片
200克 BRM无麸质多用途面粉
5汤匙 红糖
1条 有盐牛油
2粒 C级鸡蛋或是一粒A级鸡蛋
1/2茶匙 草莓精

5。把烤炉的温度调到180摄氏,预热烤炉十分钟。烤至十至十五分钟,直到饼转至金黄色。在最后的五分钟,注意饼的颜色。 如已呈金黄色就可以取出了。

➥ 你也可以加入其它无麸质的干果,面粉可能需要增加少许如量太多。

➥ 鸡蛋可以以其它代替如GUAR GUM,如果你对蛋类敏感。

➥ 无麸质面粉可以以其它的无麸质面粉取代如杏仁粉,或米粉。

➥ 草莓精可以使用其它你喜欢的口味取代。
➥ 无麸质谷麦片也可以使用其它材料取代如BRM麦片,豆类,Chia Seed, 小米或其它。

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