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Secret Barn Multi-purpose Gluten Free Banana Flour

Secret Barn’s Multipurpose Gluten Free Banana Flour can be utilized in several products that used flour such as in cakes, bread, muffins, pancakes, cookies soup and smoothies. Banana flour could be utilized to partially substitute wheat flour.


One of the application of Secret Barn’s Multipurpose Gluten Free Banana Flour, it is suitable to be used for any bakery purposes especially for health food. This flour can be used as an alternative for consumer to use or substitute with whole wheat flour. Other than giving excellent nutritional value to consumer, this flour is able to give the texture and taste quite similar to the wheat flour. Thus this flour provides a healthy boost to the user and is palatable.


Banana flour can be used in powder drinks such as in 3-in-1 drink usually specific to functional drink products. By incorporating banana flour into drinks, it eases bowel movement and gives potent nutrients to the user.


Another application is by incorporating banana flour in the making of noodles. Banana flour is a value added in noodles as banana flour provides High Fiber and Resistant Starch (RS), Low Glycemic Index (GI) and potent in nutrients. Noodles most commonly made from wheat are nutritionally imbalanced as it contains high carbohydrate. Noodles that are made from banana flour contain more benefits than noodles that are made from wheat flour. Moreover, noodles which are made with banana flour help to broaden the range of low GI foods to consumer and are able to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.


  • Suitable for food supplement
  • Gluten free
  • 100% Green Bananas pulps
  • Suitable for vegan, nut free, soy free and wheat free.
  • It is proven to have Lower Glycemic Index (GI) and High Resistant Starch (RS) than whole wheat flour.
  • It can be as a substitute or as an alternative to who wheat flour.
  • Banana flour provides a tasty and soft white texture same with white bread.
  • Banana flour contains high fiber and has Antioxidant property.
  • Consumers will feel fuller due to the High Fiber content.
  • The Antioxidant will works by strengthening consumer’s immune systems, slowing down aging process and fighting off free radicals.
  • Contain High Resistant Starch which will helps to assist fecal bulking and protects consumer’s intestines.
  • Resistant Starch will ferment and act as ‘food’ for food prebiotic bacteria to grow in our digestive tract.
  • Probiotic bacteria will help to drive away bad bacteria that cause diarrhea and chronic colon problem.
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol level.
  • Banana flour can be added into noodles and pasta which has Lower Glycemic Index (GI), High Resistant Starch and dietary fibers that may be beneficial to intestinal health.

Secret Barn Tepung Pisang Muda Serbaguna Bebas Gluten

Secret Barn’s Multipurpose Gluten Free Banana Flour atau Tepung Serbaguna Bebas Gluten yang berasaskan pisang muda dari Secret Barn boleh digunakan untuk menghasilkan kek, roti, muffin ,biskut, sup dan minuman smoothies. Tepung ini boleh digunapakai untuk menggantikan sebahagian daripada kandungan tepung gandum.


Salah satu aplikasi tepung ini adalah ia sesuai untuk menghasilkan produk bakeri yang baik untuk kesihatan. Ia boleh digunakan sebagai pilihan alternatif kepada pengguna yang ingin menggantikan tepung gandum biasa kepada tepung bebas gluten.Selain daripada mampu memberikan kandungan nutrisi yang diperlukan oleh pengguna, ia mempunyai tekstur dan rasa yang seakan-akan sama dengan tepung gandum. Selain itu, tepung berasaskan pisang juga memberi tenaga tambahan kepada pengguna.


Tepung berasaskan pisang juga boleh dicampurkan ke dalam minuman dan ‘functional drink’ yang dapat membantu mengatasi masalah sembelit dan buasir.

Pasta /Mee

Tepung berasas pisang juga boleh diadun bersama mee dan pasta. Ia dapat memberikan nilai tambah kepada makanan seperti Serat makanan ,Kanji Rintang (Resistant Starch), rendah kandungan Indeks Glisemik (GI) dan lain-lain nutrisi.


  • Sesuai dimakan sebagai makanan tambahan.
  • Bebas gluten
  • Diperbuat daripada 100% isi pisang muda
  • Sesuai untuk pengamal vegetarian,bebas dari sumber kekacang, soya dan gandum.
  • Rendah Indeks Glisemik (GI) dan tinggi kandungan kanji rintang (RS) dari tepung gandum
  • Boleh menggantikan dan menjadi alternatif kepada tepung gandum
  • Tepung berasaskan pisang meninggikan serat dan kandungan antioksida dalam makanan.
  • Pengguna akan berasa kenyang pada masa yang agak lama kerana mengandungi serat yang tinggi.
  • Kandungan antioxidant dapat membantu menguatkan immune system, memperlahankan proses penuaan dan melawan radikal bebas.
  • Kandungan Kanji Rintang akan membantu dalam proses pencernaan dan membantu melindungi usus kecil manusia.
  • Kanji Rintang akan difermentasi dan bertindak sebagai sumber makanan kepada bakteria probiotic di dalam sistem pencernaan.
  • Bakteria probiotik membantu menentang bakteria jahat yang menyebabkan cirit –birit dan masalah kolon.
  • Membantu mengawal gula dan kolesterol dalam darah.
  • Tepung berasaskan pisang boleh dimasukkan ke dalam mee dan pasta yang boleh menurunkan Indeks Glisemik (Glycemic Index) ,meningkatkan kandungan Kanji Rintang (Resistant Starch) dan serat yang bagus untuk kesihatan usus.
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