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Dorsata Honey/OriBee Honey - Honey Harvesting Process - 蜂蜜采集过程

Honey Harvesting Process

Tualang Tree is first located.

Climbing the giant Tualang Tree through the use of ropes.

Sustainable harvesting is practiced. Only partial parts of the hive are harvested.

Honey drips from the hive and is placed in a container to accumulate.

Harvester hangs on the cliff siding of the cave and harvest partial parts of the hive. Rock Honey is limited in supply as it is dangerous for the natives to harvest and there are not many sightings of Dorsata bee hives in caves.




采取可持续性作业标准。 只收割部分的蜂房。


收割者悬挂在洞穴的悬崖边上,收割部分的蜂巢。 岩石蜂蜜的供应有限,因为当地人收割具有危险性,并且洞穴中的Dorsata蜜蜂蜂巢的发现并不多。

Source: Dorsata Honey
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